Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alton Brown's Edamame Dip

No words can describe how delicious and simple this dip is, but I'll try. Courtesy of Alton Brown's recipe on the Food Network website, this one's is all about pumping out a quick party snack that's full of flavor. Or just a snack. All for yourself.

All you do is cook the edamame, chop some onions, get some parsley or cilantro, slice a little garlic, and scoop out the rest of the ingredients.

Blend to combine.

And that's it. Done. You can add more of any of the ingredients to your liking. I added a bit more chili paste and a final spritz of lemon at the end. All that minimal work results in what's essentially an Asian interpretation of hummus. This dip is packed, packed, packed with tons of flavor. Every bite of this dip lasts a good minute, with each ingredient revealing itself to you every few seconds. And each bite doesn't necessarily reveal the ingredients in the same order, which makes this dip deliciously unpredictable. This dip goes well on pita bread, baguettes, crackers, chips, and anything, really. I found myself scooping this stuff out by the spoonful and eating it straight at some point. And the best part about this is that it's ridiculously healthy and guilt-free.

I can't urge you enough. Make this. Now. Or soon.

Special props to my friend, Charizard, for suggesting this recipe.


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