Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tasty Crust

My fourth and final memorable Maui bite was at a spot called Tasty Crust. When my friend first insisted that we go here, I wasn't sure what to expect. Do they have awesome pizza? Or pies? Or quiche? While they do serve up some pies for dessert, Tasty Crust is noticeably famous for one thing: Banana Hotcakes.

First things first, the butter is unnecessary. The syrup is unnecessary. This stack of hotcakes is one of the few that can stand on its own. The pleasant aroma of banana fills your nose every time you reach for the plate and each bite of this fluffy banana cloud of wonder is heavenly. Unlike most banana pancakes, Tasty Crust's cakes strike the perfect balance between the flavor of banana and the comforting flavor of traditional pancakes. The texture is light and avoids the packed density of a banana, and the hotcake melts in your mouth, releasing the flavor of banana inside your mouth like a breath of fresh air. Needless to say, these pancakes are insanely tasty and addictive, so beware.

Tasty Crust also serves up standard breakfast fare with optional Hawaiian takes on things (i.e., rice and spam). I opted to get their Breakfast Special to accompany the hotcakes: two slices of bacon, one slice of spam, two pork sausages, two over-easy eggs, and wheat toast. Overkill? Probably. But getting anything less just didn't seem right. Especially on vacation. Everything on the plate tasted great, and the spam brought me back to countless meals from when I was growing up that were accompanied with spam and Vienna sausage, which is sometimes, or always, a good thing.

Packed with locals and complete with incredibly friendly service, Tasty Crust is clearly a spot that lives to make its community happy. Like Sam Sato's, Tasty Crust can feel a little bit out of the way if you're staying in Lahaina, but it's well worth the drive, and makes for a perfect stop on your way to or from the airport.

That's it for Maui, folks. While Seattle's weather has barely progressed towards anything close to warm, these past four posts have helped to keep me a little more sane this past week. Thanks for letting me indulge in some warm memories.

Tasty Crust
1770 Mill Street
Wailuku, HI 96793
(808) 244-0845

GET: Banana Hotcakes.

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